Sharon Cooper has been fascinated with children’s books, writing, and drawing since she was a young child. As soon as she could hold a book in her hands, she dreamed of writing and illustrating her own children’s books.

Sharon also loved gymnastics. She would watch gymnasts on television like Olga Korbut and be amazed by their performances. She was inspired by this and practiced with her elementary school friends, turning cartwheels and doing handstands. Eventually she ended up on a performing team in junior high school.

After Sharon married and became a mother, she made raising her three sons her top priority. However, she also managed to study art and English at the college level whenever she could.

When her children were older, Sharon found herself involved with gymnastics again.  Under the mentorship of her local gym’s preschool director, Steve Sassone, she learned how to be a good preschool and recreational gymnastics coach. She gradually expanded her knowledge and began working in the developmental team program, spotting out talented young gymnasts and teaching them the finer details of form, technique, and conditioning to help prepare them for eventual team competition.

It was during these coaching years that Sharon was inspired to write and illustrate her first children’s book. She is very excited to share her book with gymnastics fans everywhere, and is working on a second gymnastics themed book.
Sharon currently works as a child care provider, but still does some gymnastics coaching on a part time basis.